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If you are a professional writer, you might want to use another word that means the same as a word that you are using in your text. That is what a synonym is. If you want to know what is another word for a word that you have written you want to know what is synonyms and how to get them. You can use an online source for synonyms which is quicker and easier than getting out your thesaurus. A list of synonyms can be had by looking up the word that you are thinking about replacing.

Why would you want to replace a word? You might want a word replaced if you find yourself repeating the same word. If you don't like the sound of the word that you are using but you want to keep the meaning, you could look on your online synonyms resource and find out what is a word for your word and substitute it. Keeping the meaning of your text while changing the actual words used is what using a synonyms resource tool will do for you. Don't try thinking about another word for this word. Look in your online synonyms resource tool and get a list of words that you can substitute.

Writers of all types of literature from poets to playwrights need a quick resource tool like a synonyms tool. Trying to use vocabulary that one has in one's mind is not quick or efficient. There might be a better synonym that might work better in your text. That is the one feature that makes an online synonyms tool very advantageous to the writer of all types of literature. Besides writers of literature, writers of advertising who need quick slogans or catchy sayings will find an online synonyms tool the best assistant they can get.

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